This was based on interview with Dr.Wendy Lam, Conference Co-Chair of IPOS 2018

Meaning of having IPOS at Hong Kong: The coming World Congress is a very special
meeting. The last IPOS congress held in Asia was 1993 at Kobe, Japan. The
development of psycho-oncology grew tremendously in the past two decades, with
evidence of the establishment of local psycho-oncology societies in various countries,
including Mainland China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, and India.

Brief introduction of the program of IPOS 2018: The coming congress will offer a platform for psycho-oncologists particularly those from Asia to get together to share their achievements, as well as, challenges encountered in improving cancer care. The congress theme focuses on integrating and consolidating strategies to optimize psychosocial supportive care services in cancer care from prevention through curative to palliative care. The plenary sessions cover timely topics in research and practice.

MUST see and experience at Hong Kong: For those who are visiting Hong Kong for the first time, it is Asia’s world city, famous for its skyline and harbor views, offering outstanding cultural diversity, vibrant nightlife and cosmopolitan lifestyle and is truly one of the great cities of the world. Furthermore, Hong Kong has many amazing hiking destinations, which are easily accessible by public transportation.