IPOS Treasurer Dr. Anja Mehnert awarded the 2016 German Cancer Award for Clinical Research. The oldest and largest cancer congress in Germany is held every two years in Berlin and this year the 32nd German Cancer Congress awarded the German cancer award to several researchers including Professor Dr. Anja Mehnert, PhD, from the University Medical Center in Leipzig. The awarding of this prize to a psycho-oncology researcher and practitioner is significant as it is the first award in this category to be presented to a mental health researcher. Anja Mehnert is a medical psychologist whose study featured psychotherapeutic interventions for people with advanced cancer to minimize depression and distress. Together with her research team she evaluated concepts such as meaning-making, the meaning of life and demoralization in cancer as well as developing practical interventions to support the patient. Their work is particularly relevant for those cancer patients for whom a long-term for a cure is not possible.