In the last few months, the IPOS community has faced with two imponderable losses. Jimmie Holland passed away on Dec. 24 2017, Andrea Patenaude on January 29, 2018. IPOS and oncology world mourns the loss of the founder of psycho-oncology, Jimmie Holland, and of Andrea Patenaude, recognized internationally for her many contributions in this field.

In this issue, we decided to celebrate their lives and works. In the Up do Date session, we report the last papers they worked on. They were published after their deaths, so as to remember us the enduring debt we have. Despite these papers are not their most famous works, they seem to clearly depict how they contribute to the development of psycho-oncology. We entitled these sections by using a couple of enlightening sentences of two colleagues of Jimmies Holland and Andrea, respectively Bill Breitbart and Lori Wiener. Dr. Breitbart has described how Jimmie Holland was committed in “emphasizing the care of cancer care”. Dr. Wiener highlighted the effortless attempt of Andrea Patenaude in “addressing pertinent questions”. In the Let’s Talk session, you can read the entire pieces Breitbart and Wiener wrote so as to remember and celebrate their colleagues and friends.

Following the paths of these two giants, we hope to sustain the future of IPOS and psycho-oncology. So please have a look at the welcome letter (Stay Connected session) of the two co-chairs of the next 20th International Psycho-Oncology Society World Congress of Psycho-Oncology: Wandy Lam & Sally Lo. Finally, you may find interesting news about upcoming congresses and trends in cancer care in the last two sessions of the present newsletter.